Varieties and soil system

The Montecastro vineyard is divided into 3 varieties, TINTO FINO, CABERNET SAUVIGNON AND MERLOT, and into 2 well systems TRELLIS AND GOBLET.

The planting pattern is 2.5 X 1. This means a plant density of 4,000 vines per hectare. This high density allows us to obtain a low production per plant which in turn increases the quality of the grape. The whole surface area of the crops is not irrigated. It belongs to the municipal districts of Olmos and Castrillo de Duero. The plantation area is moorland area located 923 metres high. This makes it a very cool area. The land is “light” soil which is mainly rocky. There are also plots in river bed and pit areas with slightly “harder” soil. This means that not all the vineyard can be worked in the same way given that the strength and potential are very different.

The vineyard is not registered as an Organic Vineyard, but its cultivation practices are. The treatment of weeds is exclusively mechanical, with tractors or by hand with workers, and no weed-killers or chemical products are used.

Regarding plant health, we work hard on the natural balance of the plant so as to not have an excess of vigour that could result in a fungal overgrowth produced by excessive vegetation or a weakening of the plant which would make it more vulnerable to a pest infestation or primarily to wood fungi. Thus, green practices and, above all, the individual treatment of each plot and plant are very important, observing the plant's needs and acting accordingly.